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We’re a faith-founded team of creators with a passion for storytelling and serving young adults.

most importantly,

We aim to show you something more.

We created Grotto to be a space where you can come as you are and find what you need. Here you are welcome to seek freely and wonder openly. We know young adulthood is a time of pivotal life moments, and we hope to be a place you can turn to with your questions and fears, your hopes and dreams, and so much more.

Our network extends beyond our core team to include filmmakers, writers, and artists from around the globe who join our desire to share inspiring stories and guiding resources. Our content takes the form of articles, documentaries, podcasts, social media posts, and more.

We believe that everyday moments of human experience can ignite a desire for young adults to find a community of faith.

let us show you what we mean:

Meet the team

Adrienne Garalde
Social Media Manager
Becky Rogers
Art Director
Ciara Kanczuzewski
Project Manager
Ebony Moxey
Audio Storytelling Associate
Jackie Cho
Platform Storytelling Associate
Jane O'Connor
Associate Video Producer
Javi Zubizarreta
Jessie McCartney
Senior Content Editor
Josh Long
Senior Video Producer
Kevin DeCloedt
Video Producer
Makaela Douglas
Digital Content Strategist
Mike Rossetti
Senior Manager for Community Engagement
Rev. Brendan J. McAleer, C.S.C.
Associate Producer
Ryan Broussard
Student Media Assistant

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The Grotto Story

The name “Grotto Network” is inspired by the stone grotto at the University of Notre Dame campus. There are similar grottoes across the globe, where Catholics commemorate the apparition of Mary to a young, sickly peasant girl named Saint Bernadette Soubirous at a grotto in Lourdes, France. Some grottoes are made of stone, some are made of shells. Some are big, some are quite small.

The grotto at Notre Dame is a unique type of spiritual space. It’s not a church. It’s not a chapel. It’s pretty easy to wander up to the rocks, pause for a few moments in prayer or reflection, and walk away feeling at peace or inspired. For years, thousands of people have visited the grotto at Notre Dame and lit a candle in the night. Whatever their spiritual background, whatever their religious belief, it's a place to find hope without judgment.

It seemed only right that Grotto Network should be named for such a unique and beautiful space. With all of our stories, videos, resources, and more, we hope that people feel similarly welcomed to reflect, share their hopes, and leave feeling a bit closer to God.

We live in a world where young people understandably question institutions of all kinds, including religious institutions. For many, it can be hard to walk into a church. It is our hope that Grotto Network — like the space we are named for — can be a first step for those who still feel some spark of spirituality. We’re here to help you nurture that spark and assure you that you’re not alone. Like all the candles that light up the grotto on the darkest of nights, we’re on this journey together.

grotto community

Grotto Chicago

Grotto Chicago is a pilot program for recent college graduates. 
We’re here to build friendships and connections, explore the city, 
serve the wider community, and find a deeper purpose together. Follow us as we expand our footprint to a city near you.

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Is Grotto only for Catholics? Are you trying to convert me?

Grotto Network was founded by the University of Notre Dame in the hopes of bringing young people into a greater life of faith. We are committed to our Catholic faith and identity, and believe it is full of beauty and wisdom.

Because of our Catholic faith, Grotto Network eagerly welcomes people from all walks of life into our community. We would never turn anyone away and actively collaborate with people from different faith backgrounds.

While we hope that our content and community will inspire people to deepen their faith (and even start going to church!), we believe it doesn’t serve anyone to be exclusive or judgmental.

Come as you are, find what you need, go forth a better person. That’s all we ask.

Who funds Grotto?

Grotto Network is supported financially by the University of Notre Dame and its generous benefactors. We don’t use ads on our site, we don’t charge a subscription fee, and we hope to always remain a free and meaningful resource for all.

Where is Grotto Network based?

Grotto Network is primarily based on the campus of the University of Notre Dame near South Bend, Indiana. Our wider network of staff and freelance creators span the country and the globe.

Who should I contact if I have a general inquiry about Grotto?

For general inquiries or any questions you may have about Grotto, feel free to submit via our contact form below.

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What is Grotto Chicago?

Grotto Chicago is a new and exciting development for Grotto Network. It is something of an experiment to see how we can best use social and digital media to create real, in-person communities. We’re so excited to be exploring the city of Chicago, but hope to grow to other cities. You can learn more on the Grotto Chicago Instagram.

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How can I write/produce/create content for Grotto?

We are always looking to grow our network of freelance writers, video producers, artists, and other creators. Grotto is committed to lifting up voices from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences, and encourages a diversity of talent to contribute. We are especially eager to give new and emerging creators an opportunity to start their creative journey. To submit or learn more, click the link below.

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What social media platforms is Grotto on?

Grotto spans several social media platforms currently: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Spotify.